We are a small jewelry studio located on the Chesapeake Bay of Maryland, focusing mainly on custom and artisan jewelry pieces. 

Karin Best: Kajs Jewelry is made by Scandinavian jewelry sculptor Karin Best who specializes in blending traditional jewelry techniques with organic sculptures. Using both sterling silver and gold, Best loves the free flowing process of making jewelry, describing her work as a contrast between polished, smooth, sleek lines, and rough, uncut, organic textures with inspiration coming from what she sees and encounters in nature. The collections are groupings of pieces unified by a common theme. Each theme contains a consistent base of pieces, continually growing, and with an occasional one-of-a-kind artisan piece in the mix. Textures, nature, and sculpture are common threads that inspire the various collections.  

Christopher Best: A professional landscape painter and Karin's husband, Christopher often helps out in the casting process of jewelry making. You will often see him helping out at Kajs Jewelry shows, or nearby with his easel painting the event! Make sure to check out his original artwork at

Griffin: Our Australian shepherd mutt takes his studio responsibilities quite seriously, and makes sure that inspiration, moral support, and fluffy-joy are never lacking. 

To request a visit to our studio please contact us here