The materials used in jewelry making vary greatly, both in quality and in sourcing. We want to give our clients jewelry that is beautiful but also sourced with great care.

Recycled Metals:  // Sterling Silver, Yellow, Rose, & White Gold, Palladium & Platinum //

  • Eco-friendly refinery: Using "recycled metals" might sound like an environmentally friendly practice but what does this actually mean? Most of the metal used in the creation of jewelry comes from melting down scrap metal (not sourcing directly from a mine) but this too can be a very environmentally "dirty" process. We decided to use Hoover & Strong Refinery for our metal, findings, and refining whenever possible because of their dedication to environmentally friendly practices (learn more about their process HERE). Their refinery is also within a couple of hours from our studio, which has allowed us to visit their refinery and see their process firsthand. 
  • Directly reusing metal: The other way we use recycled metals is by directly reusing metal from pieces of jewelry no longer being used (either from our own collection or clients). Not only is this a great way to reuse a sentimental piece but occasionally also offsets some of the jewelry production cost. 

Metal Alloys: 

  • Nickel & cadmium-free: It is still fairly common for silver and gold jewelry and their components to contain nickel and/or cadmium (both are known skin irritants and carcinogens). We want our jewelry to be completely safe for the wearer and therefore do not use either in our jewelry production. 

Sourcing Stones:  // Diamonds, Colored Gems, & Uncut Stones //

  • Whenever possible we reuse and recycle diamonds and colored stones. We can often repurpose clients own stones in their redesigned jewelry. We believe that quality, fair-trade, and conflict-free sourcing is more important than "getting a bargain" which is why we are willing to pay extra for stones that we can trust. Hoover & Strong Refinery is one of our main diamond suppliers (you can read more about their conflict-free diamonds HERE), as well as a couple other trusted diamond distributors who maintain the highest standards of sourcing. 
  • Kajs Jewelry artisan pieces often incorporate unusual, uncut and tumbled stones in the jewelry designs. We are fortunate to have a friend who personally mines many of these stones in the state of Washington, Oregon, and Montana. If you ever have a question about the origin, sourcing, or story behind a stone please just ask!