ABOUT Karin Best

Kajs Jewelry is built on a foundation of Scandinavian design. Karin was born and raised primarily in Sweden, giving her a deep appreciation for the deliberate, bold and simple forms used in this tradition. She has adapted those concepts into her own work, introducing textures and forms she finds in nature and relating them back to her design heritage.

A reoccurring theme in Kajs Jewelry is to take something unexpected, and not usually seen as “worthy” of being front and center and elevating it through creative design. These works are more than the sum of their parts. It often requires learning new techniques or the adaptation of established methods. She finds satisfaction and joy in continually learning to push the boundaries of jewelry making while honing skills and processes that have been used for centuries. It is this approach to jewelry making, as well as the thoughtful detail and care that goes into a piece of Kajs Jewelry that makes the wearer feel one-of-a kind. Jewelry that is not for show or excess, but a careful, unique expression of an individual artisan’s design and craftsmanship.