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Painting the Implied Story

Christopher Best

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It is said that the author C.S.Lewis began the writing of his famous Narnia Chronicles with the mental image of a faun standing in the snow near a lamppost. He then began to think of other images that he felt were compelling and created a story around them.  Setting the scene is an intuitive way to create a story. For the artist making a narrative painting, the scene is all we have to work with. Without the option of spelling it out we are left to imply the story. So what do I mean by "implying a story." Let's see...

Where the Magic Starts…

Karin Best

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And nothing makes a piece of jewelry more special than knowing whose love and danger is behind it. Take one step into my studio and you will see what all goes into it -- beyond a vision, it takes a variety of tools, a work area of my own with space to be creative. One of the best things about my studio is that people passing by can see the creating in action. They can easily stop by with any questions, special orders or just watch it all happen. Stop by and check it out if you’re in the area…but here are some photos in the meantime!