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Karin Best

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Kajs: [Ka-ice] Swedish; a nickname for Karin; more commonly Kajsa; your new favorite jewelry line
When you embark on a new journey, in this case on the journey to start your own jewelry line, it’s hard to think of one word to encompass it all. I went back and forth on a brand name that would not only define my jewelry, but my heritage and ultimately me. Kajs is a nickname for Karin in Swedish and a pet name from my family, and now the name that embodies my personal work.

Each piece is stamped with the Kajs stamp that shows my commitment to combining my inspiration from nature, Scandinavian roots and free-flowing creativity. It’s my commitment to providing jewelry that is unique and high quality with a little part of me intertwined.

Photos: Sarah Culver


  • Hey Karin,
    I love your jewelry and am so excited to come down and visit your new shop. It has been incredible watching this whole adventure unfold over the years. So exciting to follow your posts here and learn more about how it all came together. By the way, still loving my wedding band – something Heather and I will treasure forever, and will serve as a constant reminder of you our incredibly talented and amazing friend.

    Lots of Love

    Andrew and Heather.


  • Hey Swedey! I love seeing the pictures of you at work :)


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